What does it take to be a Mooring Inspection Expert?

With minimal training, almost anyone can use a caliper to take a measurement or watch an ROV monitor and claim to have inspected a mooring system. But how can you be sure of the accuracy of these measurements? Was the chain cleaned properly? Was the tool placed correctly and in the appropriate location? And what about the visual inspection? An untrained pair of eyes can easily miss an absent secondary locking mechanism or pitting corrosion, both of which can lead to major issues later in a mooring system’s life. So how can you be sure your mooring inspections provide value and that signs of degradation are spotted early enough to avoid an unexpected and costly issue?

Welaptega’s Inspection Competency Training Program, built on 25-years of experience inspecting moorings of every variety in every environment, provides our offshore personnel with the knowledge and capabilities they need to inspect a system methodically and efficiently. Mooring systems for permanently moored Floating Production Units (FPUs) are safety critical systems and proper inspection of these systems requires an in-depth understanding of:

  1. The purpose of each component and how it is intended to perform
  2. How and where components deteriorate and fail
  3. Signs of deterioration and performance that fall outside of the design case

We rely on more than our experience to equip our Mooring Inspection Experts with a thorough understanding of the points mentioned above. For example, the Inspection Competency Training Program also benefits from our involvement in Joint Industry Projects and considers a variety of industry standards as well as best practice for mooring design, inspection, and integrity management. Identifying signs of mooring degradation outside of the design case early is the easiest and most cost-effective way to mitigate future problems. Additionally, it gives a point in time reference for comparison during future inspections.

Welaptega’s Mooring Inspection Experts will identify signs of degradation early and focus on the components of a mooring system most susceptible to mooring corrosion, wear, and failure as a result of the Inspection Competency Training Program. This focus provides our clients with a time- and cost-efficient inspection and gives a true understanding of the integrity of their mooring systems. For more information on what it takes to be a Mooring Inspection Expert, contact us today!