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Mooring Integrity Management

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Class/ Regulatory &

FUMA Compliance

Risk-Based Guidance

Risk-based  integrity engineering framework in support of operational and field development strategies and compliance requirements.

risk based inspection, mooring integrity management, Mooring Fitness For Purpose Assessment, progressive inspection,

Alignment with Insurance Industry Guidance (FUMA)

Degree of alignment with latest insurance mooring integrity management guidance.

Mooring fitness for purpose, Floating Unit Mooring Assessment, FUMA

Compliance Framework Regulatory/Class

Review with respect to local regulatory framework and relevant class standards.

Class societies, fitness for purpose, license to operate

System Performance/ Audit and Forecast

Audit of physical condition of mooring system and forecast of expected future performance.


An Introductory Summary Guideline : The Joint Rig Committee Initiative

Welaptega Marine Nova Scotia

About Welaptega

For 20 years Welaptega Marine has pioneered the development of offshore mooring inspection technologies and mooring fitness-for-purpose assessment (MFPA) services. The company operates globally for wide range of international and local clientele.

Offshore operators world-wide rely on Welaptega for mooring integrity services to enhance safety through risk-based integrity engineering, and Class and FUMA insurance compliance…