For 20 years the world’s foremost innovator in offshore mooring inspection and integrity engineering


    Providing critical technical services in support of safe, productive and profitable offshore operations


    Cost savings through progressive inspection and applied integrity engineering


    Optimised performance through active integrity management


    Detailed engineering to assess the remaining life in aging mooring systems


We develop and deliver inspection technologies and engineering expertise that provide the insights and understanding needed to mitigate risk, forestall failure, and manage the ongoing integrity of offshore operations.



The deployment of visual and magnetic technologies to assess the condition of moorings and other subsea facilities.


Deployment of specialised inspection systems to quantify degradation and damage to components.


A risk-based engineering process to determine the current physical condition and the residual capacity of offshore mooring systems.



Our Semi-Autonomous Mooring Inspection Robot [SAMIR] is a non-intrusive way to inspect vast lengths of wire and fibre moorings without the risk of damaging the lines themselves.



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Welaptega to attend the Global FPSO Forum

Welaptega is preparing to head to Texas next week for the 5th annual Global FPSO conference in Galveston. James Kesten (Welaptega’s Business Development Manager for North and South America and Offshore Engineer) will be speaking on the topic of Mooring Integrity and Mooring Design. The Forum aims to bring together industry experts from around the globe with real-world FPSO experience.
Newfoundland harbour

Atlantic Canada - Working in Our Own Backyard

The global demand for risk-based mooring inspection has routinely led to Welaptega’s operations team travelling to locations far from home to meet this demand; however, over the last 20 years, we’ve also completed numerous projects close to home in our own region, Atlantic Canada.

Here's to you, Mr. Robinson (A peek into the life of a co-op student at Welaptega)

Participating in the co-op program is something we take great pride in here at Welaptega because it allows us to play an important role in the education of our future engineers. Co-op programs build a strong relationship between the university and the employer and is mutually beneficial: eager co-op students can have a very positive effect on productivity and office moral and the universities are kept up-to-date on industries standards. With this Q&A, you’ll get a sneak peek into the world of Welaptega as seen through the eyes of the young, bright, and upbeat co-op student, Nathan Robinson.

Testing SAMIR Update

SAMIR (Semi-Autonomous Mooring Inspection Robot) testing is continuing with excellent results so far; we are getting the system ready for the offshore trial scheduled later this year.

Podcast Plug: Upstream's The Bit

“Keep your bit spinning to the right” is the sign off of Upstream’s weekly podcast The Bit covering the international oil and gas industry. To date they have released 44 episodes discussing issues from the Middle East and the current oil price environment to conferences and M&A activity.
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Mooring Failure Monitoring

Questions to FPSO Operators: How would you know if you had a mooring failure? How confident are you that you are presently operating with all lines intact? For FPSOs with external turrets or spread mooring system, you’re probably pretty confident in your ability and time frame for detecting a failed line whether it be an in-air load cell or visual check of line angles.
The W _Team

The W-Team

In 2015 a crack inspection unit was sent offshore by their company for a complex subsea mooring inspection. These men promptly departed Canada to the Gulf of Thailand and onwards to the open seas off the southern Malaysian coast. Today, highly sought by operators across the globe, they survive as subsea inspectors extraordinaire. If you need a mooring inspection, if no one else can help, and if you contact them, maybe you can hire the W-Team.
FPSO at Sunset

Wordless Wednesday

In our new wordless Wednesday series of blog posts we will be observing the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand word," as we'll be posting photographs taken by our offshore crew from various locations across the globe. So make sure to check back every Wednesday for a new picture highlighting some of the beauty found in life offshore.

Kickmoto's creative design corners the motorcycle market

There is a certain buzz in the air here at Welaptega. Once the snow begins to melt, and the trees begin to bud, it officially becomes motorcycle season. It is a hobby that many of our staff members enjoy - especially one of our Design Engineers, Jordan Braun. While attending a brewery tour sponsored by Engineers Nova Scotia, Jordan found himself in a conversation with two like-minded beer drinkers, Jeff Shaw and Daryl Stewart.


We completed the prototype subsea sensor system earlier this year and in-air testing is well underway! The test bed is set up with samples to test data collection and deployment. SAMIR will be mounted onto and travel along the test pieces, collecting data as it goes. Once post-processed, the data will allow us to quantitatively evaluate the condition of the test pieces and demonstrate SAMIR’s capability
Welaptega Booth

Everything's bigger in Texas

Structural integrity management. What is it, and what is it's importance? Last week Welaptega made the rounds in Houston exhibiting at the SIM Houston Conference (hosted by Upstream Intelligence) and meeting various companies around town to discuss our newest technology SAMIR.

Experience Pays (and saves)

Welaptega started out primarily as an underwater technology company, performing specific parts of the bigger picture of comprehensive inspection and assessment. We slowly expanded our services over time to meet new challenges faced by the industry. Time led to experience; experience led to confidence. We’ve now grown into a “one stop shop” for mooring inspection and integrity management.