Welaptega Makes the Rounds in Brazil

This week Welaptega is in Brazil to meet with various operators, ROV contractors, and potential agents. As our capabilities and capacity grow, we are able to provide more markets with improved operational resilience. With more than 20 years of mooring inspection experience under its belt, Welaptega has become the world leader in subsea in-situ mooring inspection. Our robust programs identify degradation and failure mechanisms early in order to identify when a system is operating outside of its design parameters.

Offshore Brazil is a diverse environment where water depths can range from approximately 100m in the Campos Basin to over 2100m in the Santos Basin. It includes warm water with fragile ecosystems and pre-salt layers containing up to an estimated 50 billion barrels of oil. An operating environment such as this requires complex solutions to new problems; as such, it deserves the highest level of attention to detail.

We are motivated to bring our expertise and vast mooring integrity experience to Brazilian floating production assets and are confident it will benefit the operators, people, and environments that are affected by offshore operation in the region.

If you are interested in blocking off some time with the business development team while they are in Rio or Macaé please contact info@welaptega.com.

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