The Importance of Well-Trained Inspection Personnel

With oil prices falling 50% in the past six months, operators are finding efficiencies to reduce operational budgets. One of the best ways to reduce routine OPEX for floating production units is by making efficient use of ROV vessel time and identifying anomalies before they become major risks.

In-service inspections of permanent mooring systems for Floating Production Units are generally not being performed efficiently or to industry best-practice due to a lack of mooring-specific competency. Using generic offshore inspectors for mooring inspections creates the following problems:

  1. Anomalies and signs of deterioration go unnoticed until later in life when issues are more serious, necessitating immediate replacement, unplanned downtime, and risk of failure.
  2. Inspection plans are either: i) not performed to sufficient levels of detail, or ii) go overboard on time-consuming tasks leading to poor use of vessel time
  3. Inefficient use of time by onshore mooring TAs as a result of reviewing unnecessary volumes of inspection video/data

Welaptega’s inspection personnel are specifically trained usingan in-house developed Mooring Inspection Training Program developed from 20+ years of experience, involvement in JIPs, and a variety of industry standards as well as best practice for mooring design, inspection, and integrity management.

Even detailed inspection work scopes are completely dependent on the competency of personnel performing the work. Efficient and effective mooring inspections require trained personnel who:

  • Understand the purpose of each component and how it is intended to perform
  • Have knowledge of how and where components deteriorate and fail
  • Recognize signs of deterioration and performance that fall outside of the design case

Welaptega’s trained mooring inspectors can operate in a variety of capacities:

  • Lead role directing and executing inspection plans
  • Provide mooring-specific technical guidance to general offshore inspectors logging data into inspection database systems used by the operator
  • Client reps or inspection coordinators providing technical guidance as well as ensuring inspections are performed to maximum effectiveness and efficiency20140424_175755

Contact us to learn more about how our trained personnel can improve your mooring inspections with a comprehensive campaign involving measurement/modelling of components or visual inspection.

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