Preview of Welaptega’s new HD3DV camera

Following the operational success of Welaptega’s High Definition 3D Video system, an updated version of the HD3DV camera is in its final stages of testing and is close to being ready for use in offshore inspections.

The updated camera will deliver a stereoscopic pair of live high definition video feeds each with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, at a frame rate of 30fps. The updated camera will contain CCD image sensors which allow the camera to capture the entire image at once, as opposed to a CMOS sensor which reads the image from top to bottom.  Furthermore, the camera will offer full exposure and colour control over RS232 so that adjustments to the video feed can be made during deployment without interruption to the inspection. Initially the cameras being produced are rated for 3000m water depth.

The driver for these cameras is that HD3DV can be used to provide a high definition, real-time 3D visualization of subsea assets, identifying problems and anomalies. HD3DV provides the highest quality video available for general visual inspection and close visual inspection. It also enables ROV pilots to carry out complex navigation orientation and telerobotics. This has been proven to save time and reduce costs significantly.

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