Hurry up and wait

If you work in the offshore industry you have not only heard this phrase, you have lived it. An industry with such huge opportunity at play – such risk and reward – forces us to be prepared at a moment’s notice. This back and forth force pushes us to make sure we are never left with a hot potato at the end of the song. When your turn comes you better be ready to rock.

“Hurry up and wait,” is a classic industry saying. It is typically said after someone has been asked for something ASAP only to find out, upon being ready to deliver, it is not ready to be accepted.

Welaptega experiences this phenomenon offshore as well as onshore. From turning around an RFP to shipping equipment on a day’s notice. Offshore, there are multiple forces at play as well as many opposing priorities and requirements. The defined and agreed schedule from the kickoff meeting yesterday can change at a moment’s notice today. A scramble to rewire cables can be followed by a 12-hour downtime due to offload/weather/ice cream delivery without warning.

We do not begrudge the occurrence of “Hurry up and wait” – in fact, we thrive. It is a test of our responsiveness, procedures, systems, and competency under pressure. Every request is an opportunity to prove ourselves. When we come out the other side, guns blazing, it instills even more confidence in our clients that our reliability sets us apart.

We will take every opportunity to prove our experience and professionalism even if we end up having to wait to deliver on our promises due to changes in circumstance.

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