High Standards For the High-Performing Energy Industry

At Welaptega, we’ve always been deeply engaged with the standards and guidelines that structure the production and inspection of the oil and gas industry.

Our work with the pan-industry FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) Forum has been focused on mooring integrity and the management of mooring systems. A decade ago, we were a founding member of the FPSO committee that worked toward setting guidelines related to mooring: since then, these guidelines have been adopted by UK Oil and Gas, and is being applied around the world by operators.

We’re also involved with the American Petroleum Institute committees that touch on mooring standards and guidelines. While API is based in the States, the technical standards they establish are deployed across the oil and gas industry.

Pressure from class societies for producers to invest in good quality inspections has recently picked up. This represents a step forward for oil and gas, both for bottom line reasons and safety reasons, especially now that the technology to make informed, data-driven decisions is out there:

Standards and guidelines aren’t about narrowing the scope of production: they exist to ensure that safety, efficient production, and environmental awareness are operating in sync.

At Welaptega, we work hard to establish and maintain the mooring system standards that keep offshore operations running smoothly, continuously, and safely.

SAMIR, our Semi-Autonomous Mooring Inspection Robot, is going to be a major part of our inspection toolkit in future projects. Learn more about SAMIR right here.