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Structural integrity management. What is it, and why is it important? Last week Welaptega made the rounds in Houston exhibiting at the SIM Houston Conference (hosted by Upstream Intelligence) and meeting various companies around town to discuss our newest technology, SAMIR (Semi-Autonomous Mooring Inspection Robot).

The conference was well received consisting of a day dedicated to fixed platforms and a day focused on floating production. After getting all of our bad luck out of the way on day 1 of the trip (Flight delays, lost luggage, booth material delivered late) we were off to meet and discuss with the Gulf of Mexico’s best and brightest in the mooring game. In our exhibiting booth we were able to showcase our new logo and branding, our subsea Rope Measurement System, 3D printouts of actual subsea data we’ve gathered, our in-house designed HD3D video cameras, as well as our services and capabilities.

James prepares for day 2 at the SIM Houston conference

Business Development Manager James prepares for day 2 at the SIM Houston conference

It was a well attended event by operators and class societies alike with much discussion on the methods, technologies, and realities of how systems are degrading and failing. A large faction of attendees thought using Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) was an appropriate way to plan campaigns based on the complexity and environment of a particular asset. The notion of continued service assessments carried out when a decision is made to operate past the design life, rather than a life extension at the end of design life, raised a great discussion on engineering assessments of moorings. Chevron gave an impactful presentation demonstrating the statistics of mooring failures, their underlying causes, and early life preventive action.

Following the conference Welaptega had the opportunity to present our mooring inspection and assessment capabilities as well as our newest technology, SAMIR, which allows internal inspection of wire rope moorings to interested operators in town.

Discussions that arose throughout the week show a clear belief in Welaptega’s efforts to bridge the technology gap to raise subsea inspection to a place where valuable data is gathered and used in decision making. Structural integrity management is of utmost importance as we move forward in the Oil & Gas industry. Aging infrastructure, increasing design life requirements, and deeper more harsh environments all contribute to a need to understand what is happening beneath the waterline. The earlier you can identify operating conditions that are outside of your design life the easier it is to plan and the cheaper it is to manage.

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