Atlantic Canada – Working in Our Own Backyard

The global demand for risk-based mooring inspection has routinely led to Welaptega’s operations team travelling to locations far from home to meet this demand; however, over the last 20 years, we’ve also completed numerous projects close to home in our own region, Atlantic Canada.

Newfoundland back deck

Recently, during one such mooring inspection, members of our operations team were able to once again experience some Newfoundland summer sunshine, and a little of the (seemingly omnipresent) Newfoundland rain drizzle fog!



NF Fog

With the news in Upstream this week that Shell is expected to begin spudding off the coast of Nova Scotia shortly, signs are pointing to the start of a growth period for the Energy sector on the East coast, which will result in Welaptega and other innovative technology companies seeing further opportunities to work on campaigns in Atlantic Canada.

Signal Hill

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