Where does “Welaptega” come from?

Welaptega is a name that we’re proud of. We get the question all the time while travelling around the world – “What does Welaptega mean?” Its heritage lies in the First Nations people who inhabited Nova Scotia long before the Europeans landed, the Mi’kmaq. Translated to English, Welaptega means “Eagle Eye”. It encompasses our keen insight, advanced optics and inspection techniques tying in our roots in Nova Scotia Canada. When it comes to eye sight eagles hang with the best. They host eye sight up to 8 times stronger than a humans, able to spot a rabbit over 3 km’s away.

Another quirk we run into is – how to pronounce Welaptega? The inevitably funny guessing game that ensues results in failed attempts at remembering the pronunciation and ultimately the instilling of offshore nicknames. A poll of our offshore staff have revealed a few funny ones we have heard over our 20 year history of working offshore:

  • Welaplegata
  • Winnebago
  • Wel-AHP-A-tega
  • Chain guys

Today, right here in this post, we set the record straight. Welaptega Marine is our name – we are in the business of empowering all stakeholders of offshore operations with a higher standard of information that leads to better decision making, safer operating, and an enhanced understanding of risk. We are a company that believes better information is the key to making smarter choices. We pride ourselves on our understanding of offshore oil and gas harsh environments and subsea regulation, which helps us to develop tailored programs focusing on understanding and minimizing potential high risk regions.

Contributor: @jameskesten

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