Welaptega Ventures to Nigeria

Welaptega continues its push to expand its global presence with a trip next month to Lagos, Nigeria. Welaptega will be meeting with a number of operators in the region, along with our agent, GCA Energy, to discuss our ever-increasing capabilities and the value we bring to the table with our 20 plus years of mooring inspection experience. Our highly-trained mooring experts, combined with our commitment to innovative, results-based technology, has strengthened our position as the world leader in subsea in-situ mooring inspection. Welaptega is excited to increase its foothold in the Nigerian market and looks forward to meeting the specific challenges the region has to offer.

Nigeria’s offshore market is comprised of a mixture of supermajors and local players that operate assets known for having high production levels. These assets operate in water depths ranging from 15 meters (Okoro Field) to just shy of 1500 meters (Agbami Field). Warm water, as well as microbiological-influenced corrosion, cause subsea components in Nigeria to be especially susceptible to high levels of corrosion – an issue that can lead to mooring failure and lost production time.  With so many factors contributing to high corrosion rates, subsea inspections are vitally important and must be carried out with the highest level of attention to detail to combat the risk of failure.

We are motivated to continue bringing our expertise and vast mooring integrity experience to Nigerian floating production assets and are confident it will continue to benefit the operators, people, and environments that are affected by offshore operations in the region.

If you are interested in blocking off some time with the business development team while they are in Nigeria please contact info@welaptega.com.

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