Testing SAMIR Update

SAMIR (Semi-Autonomous Mooring Inspection Robot) testing is continuing with excellent results so far; the system is being prepared for an offshore trial scheduled later this year.

The tool has successfully traveled over significant sheathing defects, including holes and bumps. We have also developed methods for passing over extremely large sheathing defects while continuing to collect useful data.

Along with mechanical system tests, we have been evaluating the defect detection performance of the sensor itself. SAMIR has successfully detected simulated broken wires in the outer three layers of the test pieces. This shows the high sensitivity of the system to defects that are known to occur in this region. We have continued to test on multiple defects, showing the capability of discriminating between two wire breaks close together as well as detecting sub-wire size defects including nicked wire.

We are excited to trial the system in the coming months and prove the full offshore inspection capability of SAMIR.

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