Technology Testing Update: SAMIR Successfully Swims

SAMIR (Semi-Autonomous Mooring Inspection Robot) has completed another stage of testing before offshore deployment. The tool was fitted with its buoyancy and successfully completed a series of in-water tests.

Performed at Survival Systems Training Ltd.’s pool facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, SAMIR was deployed in-air on a pipe with known, simulated defects. The pipe from the in-air testing was then lowered into the pool and SAMIR was deployed onto the pipe once again. Once securely on the pipe, SAMIR performed the same operation in water as it did moments earlier in air; the results, as expected, matched perfectly.


A heavily-moustached Welaptegan guides SAMIR as it is lowered by crane onto the test pipe

Next, SAMIR was fitted with its buoyancy for the first time and lowered by crane into the pool. A scale was attached to the tool and our expectation was verified: SAMIR is neutrally-buoyant in water.



SAMIR is neutrally buoyant in water

Mechanical systems tests were re-verified, in-water tests were performed without a hitch, and data was produced as expected; without exception, this day of testing was a very positive and crucial step in preparing this revolutionary technology for commercial use. We are excited to prove the system in the upcoming months and showcase the full offshore inspection capability of SAMIR.       

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