Managing a 5-Asset Offshore Inspection, From Planning to Fieldwork to Report

After a major offshore inspection job in Brazil, Welaptega Project Manager Luke Williams is well-positioned to explain the details of planning, executing, and processing the complex work that goes into a offshore inspection of multiple assets.

Welaptega: First Class Mooring Inspectors

When it comes to mooring inspections of offshore floating production installations, Welaptega is at the top of its class. This is the result of more than 20 years of experience performing inspections and assessments in every corner of the globe as well as a relentless commitment to continuous improvement of its knowledge base, execution, and R&D. Many of the inspections performed by Welaptega are carried out to meet the requirements of various classifications societies such as Lloyd's Register and DNV-GL.

Technology Testing Update: SAMIR Successfully Swims

Mechanical systems tests were re-verified, in-water tests were performed without a hitch, and data was produced as expected; without exception, this day of testing was a very positive and crucial step in preparing this revolutionary technology for commercial use. We are excited to prove the system in the upcoming months and showcase the full offshore inspection capability of SAMIR.

Testing SAMIR Update

SAMIR (Semi-Autonomous Mooring Inspection Robot) testing is continuing with excellent results so far; we are getting the system ready for the offshore trial scheduled later this year.

Subsea Cleaning Kit

Our Chain Flail cleaning system has been used in offshore operations worldwide since 2010. The system is designed for efficient cleaning of heavy marine growth from mooring chains and other subsea components. A need has surfaced to allow more flexibility in the cleaning head and to reduce the vibration experienced by ROV manipulators during deployment.

Welaptega Data Collection System Upgrade

Mooring system integrity verification requires the acquisition and collation of a number of diverse data sets from inspection tools including subsea and in-air systems. We collect a wide variety of data offshore from subsea ROV-based measurement systems, sensor packages and cameras.

Magnetic RMS Development

The RMS provides high quality outside inspection but many wire ropes are sheathed in plastic or suffer hidden internal degradation mechanisms. To provide internal inspection, we are developing a magnetic NDT-based ROV-deployed inspection system.

Chain Measuring System Development

Welaptega's Chain Measuring System (CMS) provides grip zone and link length measurements of in-service mooring chains through ROV inspection. The system has seen a series of upgrades since introduction and has been in use, in various incarnations, for 17 years.

Welaptega commences new equipment orders

Concerns are growing by all offshore industry stakeholders that offshore installation mooring inspection information is insufficient and that class is not representative of true residual life of a system.