High Standards For the High-Performing Energy Industry

Our work with the pan-industry FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) Forum has been focused on mooring integrity and the management of mooring systems. A decade ago, we were a founding member of the FPSO committee that worked toward setting guidelines related to mooring: since then, these guidelines have been adopted by UK Oil and Gas, and is being applied around the world by operators.

The Right Data: Uniting Field Experience and Progressive Technology

On a project in a West African river delta, Welaptega proved the value of our insight and technology to a major oil company dealing with what appeared to be an incredibly high amount of corrosion on their mooring system. Welaptega CEO Tony Hall explains exactly what happened when we turned up on the job.

Mooring Integrity Management: What to Monitor, How to Inspect, When to Analyze?

Mooring systems are designed to last for long periods of time (generally 10 to 30 years) in extremely challenging environments. Between tropical cyclones, accelerated corrosion, and constant fatigue loads...

Welaptega expands offshore operations

Welaptega are expanding their reach for offshore mooring inspections. Over the past year Welaptega have performed a number of projects further afield from the usual North Sea, GOM, Australia.

Fountain of youth

Welaptega is seeing sharp increase in demand for moorings inspection in support of FPS life extension projects, with two currently underway and another in planning. Analysis of residual strength and remaining fatigue life of components requires quantitative inspection technology combined with a thorough risk-based approach to identifying potential failure points.