What does it take to be a Mooring Inspection Expert?

With minimal training, almost anyone can use a caliper to take a measurement or watch a ROV monitor and claim to have inspected a mooring system. But how can you be sure of the accuracy of these measurements? Was the chain cleaned properly? Was the tool placed correctly and in the appropriate location?

Meet Stephen Robinson-Enebel, Engineer-in-Training

Stephen is the newest member of the Welaptega Team.  He is a fourth year student taking Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University and is working on completing his third and fourth co-op terms here at Welaptega.  Much like previous recruits, we thought it would be awesome to get to know more about this aspiring young man so we sat down with him for a Q&A.

Meet Meuni Peduruge, Chemical Engineer

Meet Meuni, a recent graduate from the Chemical Engineering Program…

Offshore Life Snapshot: Diversity Edition

Cultural diversity is the norm in the offshore industry. This blog entry was written approximately 62 nautical miles off the Niger Delta of Nigeria on a vessel manned with personnel from Nigeria, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, South Africa, Scotland, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Canada, India, and the USA. This cultural diversity is compounded by the cultural diversity within each of the nations represented, but no more so than Nigeria. There are an estimated 521 languages and over 1150 dialects and ethnic groups within Nigeria.

The W-Team

In 2015 a crack inspection unit was sent offshore by their company for a complex subsea mooring inspection. These men promptly departed Canada to the Gulf of Thailand and onwards to the open seas off the southern Malaysian coast. Today, highly sought by operators across the globe, they survive as subsea inspectors extraordinaire. If you need a mooring inspection, if no one else can help, and if you contact them, maybe you can hire the W-Team.

A Message From the CEO

We are a small company, but we are a Global company. We have travelled to every corner of the world, so we get the big picture. We are not naive and we know better than most that affecting change is no easy task. It takes courage, it takes smarts, it takes caring, it takes perseverance – but I think above all we have come to realise the most powerful and resonant force is personal – how each of us chooses to live this life. The choices we make every day as individuals in our personal and professional lives – the choices that sustain our integrity, our respect, our honesty, and as importantly our empathy and humility.

Pass, Shoot, Score!

Welaptega recently scored an opportunity to support youth and the local community with a donation to the Brookfield Atom 1 Elks hockey team. The monies donated supported participation in the Bedford Tournament where the Atom 1 Elks team went undefeated in all three games. This winning streak continued and they secured the silver medal in the Middleton Tournament and were invited to play at the Halifax Scotiabank Centre during the Hockey Day in Canada celebrations.

A Christmas Celebration in February

“Christmas in February?” she said; procrastinate much?” So I went on to explain to her that in our field of work, global travel is a regular event for the majority of our staff.