Summer ends & Fall begins

As Summer 2015 draws to an end so does our latest project in South East Asia, a project that once again saw Welaptega utilizing its 3D modeling technology in Malaysia.

Malaysian sunrise

Our 3D modelling technology uses advanced photogrammetry to quantify the geometry of subsea components. The system is deployed offshore by Welaptega’s team of specialized engineers to generate dimensionally accurate models, from which a number of analysis can be performed, including:

›› Overall component dimensions
›› Linear and angular offsets
›› Radius of curvature
›› Cross-sectional areas
›› Depths, widths, and heights
›› Volume of material


Working with the field operator and the classification society, we developed a scope of work using both the Welaptega Mechanical Caliper and the Welaptega 3D Modeling System that allowed all stakeholders to confidently asses the condition of the mooring system with accurate, relevant data and without hindering the production schedule.

FSO Malaysia


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