Podcast Plug: Upstream’s The Bit

“Keep your bit spinning to the right” is the sign off of Upstream’s weekly podcast The Bit covering the international oil and gas industry. To date they have released 44 episodes discussing issues from the Middle East and the current oil price environment to conferences and M&A activity. The Bit does a great job breaking down the week’s biggest oil & gas stories while providing well-informed insights. We’re confident you’ll find host Luke Johnson and his group of perspicacious contributors to be a savory snack for your industry-news hunger.

Upstreamonline is one of the top sources for breaking offshore oil & gas news. Listening to the latest episode will catch you up to date on Mexico’s first phase of contract bids outside of state-owned PEMEX where 2 of 14 blocks were awarded and how the tendon problems on Big Foot are causing issues not only for Chevron, but other players (like Anadarko) in need of boat time as well.

If you have a long commute to work or are looking for an informative audio addition to your jog, Welaptega recommends listening to The Bit to catch up on the latest industry trends from top analysts. For other mooring-related information, check out the rest of our blog.

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