Offshore Safety: A First-level Priority for Third-party Contractors

This edition of the Welaptega Blog comes courtesy of one of our Mooring Specialist Project Managers and demonstrates our commitment to integrity in every aspect of our work.

As third-party contractors, Welaptega has a unique and important role to play in supporting offshore safety initiatives.  Because we work with such a wide variety of jurisdictions, clients, ROV operators and vessels, we have a unique perspective on safety matters.

It is important to take this role seriously.  I have felt the reluctance to come forward thinking, “It’s been like this for years, surely if it was a safety concern it would have come up by now” or “I don’t want them to think I’m just paranoid or clumsy or stupid”.

It is important, and perhaps critical, to shed yourself of these kinds of doubts to effectively support a safe working environment.  You may not like speaking out, very few people do, but it is imperative to do so for the safety of everyone.

All of the safety cards I have submitted have been with an air of reluctance, but I submitted them anyway and on each and every occasion my observation has been acted on and has affected material changes which lead to a safer environment for everyone.  So appreciate the unique role you have to play, give yourself some credit and help everyone to be safe.