Offshore nightlife: a day shift perspective

The ocean is still. The days wind has died down. There are no distractions of personnel transfers, meetings, or maintenance. You just crack on with your work.

Often the more relaxed option in the life of a 24 hr operations specialist, night shift keeps calm and carries on. On the surface it appears to be the less attractive of the 6-6 shift choice. With no daylight for weeks, working all night, and a mismatch of hours when communicating with the office or family back home; who would opt for this? But there is a serene cool confidence to the night air; a stillness that allows for a clarity and productivity.  This is not the nightlife of a big city but of a cabin on a lake. Bright lights, traffic, and sweltering heat are replaced by cool breezes, a lack of distractions, and the simple mission of completing your scope alone. Sure, troubleshooting may require waking your colleagues, but you can take comfort in knowing your sleep won’t be interrupted.

Sleeping during the day isn’t the easiest task and certainly not the easiest transition. It can however be easily remedied by earplugs, a tight sealing porthole cover, and the long first night awake. Nearby thrusters, the knowledge of ongoing work or even loved ones going about their days at home are the antithesis of promoting a good sleep habit. But the hustle and bustle of day shift is easily forgotten after a meal, a good book, and with any luck a well-timed phone call home.

So make your choice but make it wisely. The outcome may prove surprising.

Conrtibutor: @jameskesten

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