Offshore Life Snapshot: Diversity Edition

Cultural diversity is the norm in the offshore industry.  This blog entry was written approximately 62 nautical miles off the Niger Delta of Nigeria on a vessel manned with personnel from Nigeria, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, South Africa, Scotland, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Canada, India, and the USA.  This cultural diversity is compounded by the cultural diversity within each of the nations represented, but no more so than Nigeria.  There are an estimated 521 languages and over 1150 dialects and ethnic groups within Nigeria.

English is the common language here, but if you have ever met anyone from Newcastle or Newfoundland, Aberdeen or Abuja, you will know that there is no guarantee that you will understand their “English” without an applied effort.

Regardless of our cultural background we all aim to understand and be understood.  We all want to contribute positively to the successful completion of the tasks, we all want to be engaged in our work, we all want to be appreciated for our contributions, and we all want to be safe.

The same could be said for every person on the planet when you think about it.  If we could all have a shared vision like we do within the microcosm of offshore projects there would be no more wahala in the world!