Offshore Days – A night shift perspective

Now a response to last weeks blog post by a regular night shift crew member; how he views day shift:

The vessel is a hub of activity, the nightly squalls have abated, vessel deck crews are busy maintaining the vessel, stripping paintwork and re applying fresh coats, hot and noisy work. There is a roar to the thrusters and a noted increase to the pitching of the vessels as the Captain prepares for offloading of personal and equipment to the FPSO. The ROV is on deck again, its crew busy with performing whatever maintenance is required during the break of other vessel ops.

The Client rep is busy wandering the vessel, asking questions, probing on progress, advising on how to best proceed. There is a hive of activity everywhere, mostly everyone is busy in some manner. Is this a good thing? Not always, these are distractions to the actual work being performed, progress is slow, interrupted. Tempers can be short, patience at a minimum.

Other operations are complete, ROV ops continue, there is a sense that progress is being made, smiles are appearing on faces, tempers abating, the AC cooling the air. Communications to the beach are in earnest, providing solutions to problems, advising on daily activities and upcoming planned activities. Days are always busy, exciting, full, but not always productive. You end your day with a hot meal and a shower and the knowing thought that your nightshift crew will battle on with progress in a relatively benign environment compared to days.

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