Magnetic RMS Development

Our Rope Measuring System provides a full outside inspection for mooring wire and fiber ropes using cleaning devices and optical measurement. The system employs water jets, brushes and rollers to clean mooring ropes and a set of calibrated cameras to inspect the surface and measure the diameter. The RMS provides high quality outside inspection but many wire ropes are sheathed in plastic or suffer hidden internal degradation mechanisms. To provide internal inspection, we are developing a magnetic NDT-based ROV-deployed inspection system.

The new Magnetic Rope Measurement System (MagRMS) will measure the metallic cross sectional area of in-service wire ropes, providing superior inspection data for the evaluation of fitness-for-service of the wire rope sections of offshore mooring lines. This newer system will enable Welaptega to identify clusters of broken strands underneath sheathed rope identifying factors before they become problems.

The prototype system is expected to be ready for offshore trial in late 2014.

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  1. Heywood Floyd
    Heywood Floyd says:

    I am very interested in the magnetic inspection capabilities of this system. Are you developing your own sensor head or partnering with one of the established instrumentation companies which specialize in this technology?


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