Gaining insights: Diver ops


If you’ve seen the picture of the unidentified bright red deep-water angler fish from an earlier post you will appreciate that the world of Welaptega is a lot more than just moorings, wellheads and pipelines. It often involves meeting the denizens of the deep in their habitats, far from the realm of National Geographic scuba divers and their hand held cameras. Never one to shy away from the light of opportunity Welaptega has moved up towards the surface and has commissioned a diver-operated Aquanautix underwater camera and lighting system (pictured) to support a North Sea client that needs to create 3D models of damaged subsea equipment that can’t be surveyed by ROV. The project is a stark reminder of some of the human risks to which some of our colleagues in the offshore oil industry are exposed, and certainly has increased our respect and admiration for the brave souls that spend their working days beneath the waves doing an unfathomably dangerous and difficult job.


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