Experience Pays (and saves)

As part of Welaptega’s new brand launch, we’ve taken a fresh look at the history of the company to see how far we’ve come since the early days.

We often forget to fully recognize the value of our 20+ year operating history and the knowledge that we bring to our clients; knowledge that goes beyond standard industry guidance.

Welaptega started out primarily as an underwater technology company, performing specific parts of the bigger picture of comprehensive inspection and assessment. We slowly expanded our services over time to meet new challenges faced by the industry. Time led to experience; experience led to confidence. We’ve now grown into a “one stop shop” for mooring inspection and integrity management — pushing the envelope of “best practice” and providing exceptional value to clients.

The hard numbers don’t exaggerate, so here they are: to date, Welaptega has performed more than 130 mooring inspections and integrity assessments for floating production units in 16 countries. This means that Welaptega has worked in roughly half the countries in the world with floating production systems and, of the ones we haven’t worked in, we’ve performed work in a neighboring country with similar operating environments and integrity management challenges.

Find out how we can help strengthen your mooring integrity management. Ask us about our experience with mooring systems similar to yours and in similar environments. Ask us about updates to design guidance that took effect since your installation was commissioned. Ask us about the trends we see in corrosion rates, component deterioration, and operating lives.

Find out how you can use our experience to your advantage!


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