Risk Assessment in All Walks of Life

When assessing risk of an operation, the UK Oil and Gas considers both the consequences of failure and the probability of failure. Each plays a crucial role in determining the attention that should be paid in preventative action. Consequence of failure is the outcome of a possible hazard (What happens if…) where the probability considers how likely it is that something will go awry (How likely is this to happen?).

Technology Testing Update: SAMIR Successfully Swims

Mechanical systems tests were re-verified, in-water tests were performed without a hitch, and data was produced as expected; without exception, this day of testing was a very positive and crucial step in preparing this revolutionary technology for commercial use. We are excited to prove the system in the upcoming months and showcase the full offshore inspection capability of SAMIR.

Infographic: A Snapshot of Welaptega's Illustrious History

Infographic: A Snapshot of Welaptega’s Illustrious History

Kickmoto's creative design corners the motorcycle market

There is a certain buzz in the air here at Welaptega. Once the snow begins to melt, and the trees begin to bud, it officially becomes motorcycle season. It is a hobby that many of our staff members enjoy - especially one of our Design Engineers, Jordan Braun. While attending a brewery tour sponsored by Engineers Nova Scotia, Jordan found himself in a conversation with two like-minded beer drinkers, Jeff Shaw and Daryl Stewart.

Everything's bigger in Texas

Structural integrity management. What is it, and what is it's importance? Last week Welaptega made the rounds in Houston exhibiting at the SIM Houston Conference (hosted by Upstream Intelligence) and meeting various companies around town to discuss our newest technology SAMIR.

Winter Weather and North Sea Projects

When members of our operations team head for offshore projects in warmer climates, in the likes of Abu Dhabi, Australia and West Africa, there is the added bonus these projects bring with them of having some agreeable conditions that contrast the snow-ridden streets and sidewalks of Halifax.

An exciting start to the year brings new faces

It has been a busy few months here in the Welaptega office with offshore employees on their way home, preparing to leave, and everything in between. To assist us with influx of new projects we have brought in 3 Inspection Data Processors who have been instrumental to the successful completion of the final phases of many of our jobs.