Meet Stephen Robinson-Enebel, Engineer-in-Training

Stephen is the newest member of the Welaptega Team.  He is a fourth year student taking Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University and is working on completing his third and fourth co-op terms here at Welaptega.  Much like previous recruits, we thought it would be awesome to get to know more about this aspiring young man so we sat down with him for a Q&A.

Meet Meuni Peduruge, Chemical Engineer

Meet Meuni, a recent graduate from the Chemical Engineering Program…

Meet Govinda “G” Jagdeo, Project Engineer

Meet Govinda “G” Jagdeo. G is the newest member of the Welaptega Team and was hired on to fulfill the role of project engineer. He has been with us for just under two months now and his outgoing, optimistic and “can-do” attitude makes him a great addition to our team. Govinda is now offshore Australia working on one of our projects, but before he left we sat down with him to learn a bit more about who is really behind the man we call “G”.

The W-Team

In 2015 a crack inspection unit was sent offshore by their company for a complex subsea mooring inspection. These men promptly departed Canada to the Gulf of Thailand and onwards to the open seas off the southern Malaysian coast. Today, highly sought by operators across the globe, they survive as subsea inspectors extraordinaire. If you need a mooring inspection, if no one else can help, and if you contact them, maybe you can hire the W-Team.

Summer is cooling down (unfortunately), but things at Welaptega are heating up!

On Monday we welcome another new face to the crew and we're hiring again! We are currently looking for a highly motivated individual with a background in Mechanical Engineering to fill a Project Engineer role in the Operations Department

Things are busy at Welaptega this month!

The Prince Andrew High School ROV team we sponsored finished 17th out of 30. We welcome a new member of the team on Monday. Looking for an Electrical Project Engineer.

An exciting start to the year brings new faces

It has been a busy few months here in the Welaptega office with offshore employees on their way home, preparing to leave, and everything in between. To assist us with influx of new projects we have brought in 3 Inspection Data Processors who have been instrumental to the successful completion of the final phases of many of our jobs.

Offshore Days – A night shift perspective

The vessel is a hub of activity, the nightly squalls have abated, vessel deck crews are busy maintaining the vessel, stripping paintwork and re applying fresh coats, hot and noisy work.

Offshore nightlife: a day shift perspective

Often the more relaxed option in the life of a 24 hr operations specialist, night shift keeps calm and carries on. On the surface it appears to be the less attractive of the 6-6 shift choice. With no daylight for weeks, working all night, and a mismatch of hours when communicating with the office or family back home; who would opt for this? But there is a serene cool confidence to the night air; a stillness that allows for a clarity and productivity

New additions to the Welaptega team

With a busy start to 2014 well underway, we have been actively seeking fresh and enthusiastic talent to fill new positions with Welaptega Marine. Specifically we have been interviewing for 2 operations technologists positions, to join our operations team and to help prepare for, execute and report on offshore projects taking place around the world.