We are the world’s foremost innovator in offshore asset inspection, engineering, and integrity. Over our 25-year history, we’ve developed pioneering technologies and services that operators of FPSOs and other offshore facilities rely on for risk-based integrity engineering, mooring fitness for purpose assessment (MFPA), and Class and FUMA insurance compliance.


Our ultimate destination; the impact we strive to have on the world. To secure the lasting health and integrity of the people, communities and environments affected by high value offshore assets around the world.

Welaptega is the mi’kmaq word for eagle-eye; it represents our mission to seek, locate, and capture critical data with accuracy and vigilance.


The same work ethic, excitement, and spirit of camaraderie that we bring offshore exemplifies our day-to-day work in the office and all of our client interactions. We always show up prepared and ready to get the job done. Everyone takes pride in the work and no one is afraid to get his or her hands dirty. There are no weak links in the chain.


As we grow, we maintain the same courage, creativity and perseverance that got us here. Each of us is trusted with great responsibility that we’re expected to live up to. We do what we say we’ll do and respond quickly to help our colleagues and clients.

Resilience – the capacity to maintain, recover, or thrive in response to volatile and unpredictable stress — is encoded into our DNA.



Welaptega is firmly committed to reducing risks and increasing safety in the offshore oil and gas sector through the provision of inspection and assessment intelligence that meets or exceeds industry best practice. Welaptega is also committed to providing its customers with high-quality data and insight on safety critical subsea assets.

Welaptega is driven by client requirements in addition to expectations and regulations stemming from the insurance and oil and gas industries. Personnel continuously evaluate the procedures used in the work place to ensure the quality of Welaptega’s products, services and working processes thereby promoting continuous growth and improvement in all activities.

Welaptega’s company and contractor personnel are comprehensively briefed and remain cognisant of the client’s requirements at all times. Welaptega guarantees that its offshore personnel have the technical expertise, training, and certifications necessary to provide a quality of service that meets the highest level of client expectations and requirements.

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