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The received wisdom and statistics are that the majority of small businesses do not survive the first five years, and even fewer ten, yet here we are at Welaptega looking back at over twenty years of vibrant history. It’s been no Cinderella story – no tech start-up bursting onto the scene and receiving the riches of Avarus.

No, Welaptega has done it the hard way – through hard work, smarts and perseverance – and we have more than survived. We have overcome the challenges of global economic downturns, energy price collapses, the depravations of private and public financiers, the loss and betrayals of business partners, and the predatory aspirations of would-be competitors.

As we launch the new Welaptega brand it is impossible not to reflect on our tumultuous journey. It is perhaps a moment where I can be excused for the sin of cliché – because the story of Welaptega is the story of a cast of remarkable people – both past and present – people who have believed and who have persevered personally and professionally – people to whom excellence is the minimum and mediocrity has no place.

We are a small company, but we are a global company. We have travelled to every corner of the world, so we get the big picture. We are not naive and we know better than most that affecting change is no easy task. It takes courage, it takes smarts, it takes caring, it takes perseverance – but I think above all we have come to realise the most powerful and resonant force is personal – how each of us chooses to live this life. The choices we make every day as individuals in our personal and professional lives – the choices that sustain our integrity, our respect, our honesty, and as importantly our empathy and humility.

As I bring this blog to a close I realise that all those elements have been constants throughout the history of Welaptega. I also feel an astounding sense of privilege to be part of this remarkable resilient and even unlikely story.

Like any established brand, part of the Welaptega story is visual, and as we embark on the latest chapter invigorated by our new ‘brand’ look it seems fitting to cast an eye back on that history too.1

This baby was created in 1996 during the extreme weather delays of a long offshore trip by yours truly. Thanks to the now defunct CorelDraw.


This one was short-lived : maybe fifteen months in 2001-2002. I seem to remember that lime green was a colour de jour – brand marques can be like gym kit and ski gear – things that make you cringe looking back.


Our most recent and now almost 13 year brand ‘marque’ was the creation of Karen Smith Design of Halifax, Canada and helped us to create a truly international presence and recognition.

But now it has become time to change again – to evolve – to refocus our efforts to affect change in a world and an energy industry desperately in need of imagination and aspiration.

Welaptega means ‘Eagle-Eyed’ in the Mi’kmaq native language, and our new brand exemplifies our aspirations: to soar ever higher with perseverance and uncompromising personal and professional integrity.

Please join us for the journey.

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