A Christmas Celebration in February

I asked my friend to babysit my son the last Saturday in February so I could attend my work Christmas party; she laughed and thought I had to have made a mistake. “Christmas in February?” she said; procrastinate much?” So I went on to explain to her that in our field of work, global travel is a regular event for the majority of our staff. Picking a party date to accommodate everyone’s schedules is almost as tough as planning the party.  In retrospect, it was probably the best idea since our latest subsea mooring inspection innovation.  Let’s face it, February, a short but cruel month, has a seemingly endless run of dark, cold, snowy and icy… and icy and snowy, cold, dark days.  A “pick-me-up” night of music, drinks, food and celebration was in order.

The party was held at the Carleton Music Bar and Grill.  The festivities started with some delicious hors’ d’oeuvres and some mellow, classic and contemporary jazz tunes by the Cynthetics.  It was a fine turnout of staff, family and friends and everyone was in the mood, meeting and greeting, eating and drinking and moving and grooving.  We took a brief pause from the music for our, CEO, Tony Hall, to draw tickets for some great door prizes.  After a few celebratory and forward-looking words from Tony there was more music, more good food and drink.  We all partied the night away early into the morning, dancing to the funky, be-bopping music of the “Carletones”, the Carleton’s long standing house band.  Judging from the smiles on everyone’s face and the stories in the office Monday morning, I’d say a good night was had by all. Merry Christmas everyone! Same time, same place next year?


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